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If we could crown one pair of sunglasses the official sunglasses of 2015 and 2016, it would, undoubtedly, be the Dior So Real sunglasses. 

How and when did they become popular?

The trend started with Rihanna during the fall 2014 show. She showed her love for Dior is So Real. She arrived at the Dior presentation in Paris in a slip dress paired with thigh-high stockings, diamond jewelry and a red furry coat to match her lipstick. It was a look that caused a minor Internet riot, though while many freaked over her style, the element of her outfit that really took off was the pair of Dior So Real silver mirrored sunglasses (color APP) on her nose. Editors bought them, bloggers styled them, celebrities wore them, and everyone else followed.

So, are they still popular in 2017?

Two years later, the style is still one of Dior’s most popular and stocked by many retailers in a variety of colors. The demand and supply became very high, and this might have been the problem for these stunning sunglasses. They’ve even carried over into men’s fashion. Many people think the trend is over already but let's say that they reworked the most popular design by combining fine metal with intensely coloured lenses. The gold-tone metal front and fine havana acetate temples contrast with the bright lenses for a lightweight, colourful and versatile frame.

So what do you think? if you are interested subscribe to get noticed on the product page of your favorite seetrough color and get your hands on a pair as first. We are SUPER excited and made a some preview pictures for you! And we already spotted a few bloggers wearing them on the Coachella festival this year...!

And if you have some time left, have a look at the "behind the scenes look" at the making of the Dior So Reala, demonstrating over 100 careful steps from from start to finish. As you’ll see, the only thing that’s fading is from gold to fuchsia, or from pink to violet, on the pantos-shaped lenses that have made these glasses iconic.