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Make-Up & Glasses

Look hot with your glasses by Couleurs De Noir

(Chloé Glasses available in stores!)

That old saying "guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" is antiquated and lame. However, it's true that if you do wear glasses (and want guys to make passes), you need to remember to spend at least a few minutes on your eye makeup. If you don't, your eyes will disappear behind those Foster Grants.

I should know. Whenever my eyes are screaming for a break from contacts, I slip on my glasses and instantly notice a difference. My eyes become invisible behind the specs and I need to tweak my makeup accordingly. Not a big deal at all, but it's a necessary one.

As seen on bespectacled celebrities and trendsetters, the tiniest bit of makeup can make a difference between geeky and gorgeous. Consult the following looks for proper inspiration, along with tips on how to tailor your makeup to your frames with our favorite brand Couleurs de Noir.

1. Tinted moisturizer against annoying red marks of your glasses

The area around your nose is extra sensitive for annoying little red marks that glasses leave on the bridge of your nose. When you use an illuminating beauty balm all over you face and especially on the risk zone around your nose, you won't have these marks on your nose. BB cream will also make your skin look more shiny so your eyes standout even more.

CC Cream from Les Couleurs de Noir: Lightweight texture that allows the skin to breath and feel comfortable. The result is a perfect even complexion and a naturally glowing skin.


2. Apply mascara at the root of your lashes

When the tips of your lashes have to many mascara on it, they become very heavy and will fall straight again, hitting the glasses. You can apply the first coat like you normally do, from root to tip. But for the second coat, focus on the roots, so the intensity is at the root and it's not to heavy at the tip of the lashes. Also super curled lashes will hit your lenses, so you better choose a volumizing mascara to get your lashes thicker and not longer.


F-OXY Mascara from Les Couleurs de Noir: With OXY-relief therapy that improves the health of the lashes. The formula is rich but extremely lightweight for instant volume, extra length and improved curl.



3. Shape your brows

After your eyes, your eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They show your emotions, even when you're not saying anything they give your face some character. So it's important that your glasses don't hide your brows. The glasses frame your eyes, but your eyebrows frame your glasses and give you more expression. Brush your brows upward and get your pencil, powder and gel to get those brows looking fine! Darken them slightly to give your face a gorgeous look.

 Brow wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills available in 10 shades.



4. Never skip concealer

Otherwise than you would think, glasses don’t hide the darker area under your eyes. In contrary, the lenses can make the circles more obvious and frames can last a shadow under your eyes. It's necessary to apply a blending concealer under your eyes so they don’t look sunken in and to counteract the shadow. The area appears smooth and flawless. Choose a brightening concealer and tap it under your eyes. Your eyes will now shine with your glasses on.

 Pinceau d’eclat from Les Couleirs de Noir:
Combines the benefits of a concealer with that of a highlighter. The skin is perfected, signs of fatigue fade, eyes and shadow zones light up. The formula contains light-reflecting and color- correcting pigments that minimize imperfections and illuminate the tone. The skin is hydrated and feels smooth.

Available from December!


5. Keep it to the minimum with eyeshadow

Too much eye makeup can look heavy, especially when wearing smaller glasses. You better keep it to the minimum with eyeshadow and when you wear it, choose for neutral shades like rose. It may not look too overwhelming through your lenses when you blend it into the crease of your eye. Also lightly shimmering eyeshadow is flattering and won't look too heavy. When you're wearing a bigger frame, you have 'more space' and you can play around with darker colors.

 Soft Touch es quattro from Les Couleurs de Noir: The formula combines miniral pigments with excellent results throughout the day.