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Dragon Alliance

Why they are different

Are you an avid snowboarder or skiër? Did you ever hear about the Dragon Alliance Snow goggles? Well you should, because Dragon Alliance snow goggles are different. Read this article to know why! 


Dragon’s innovative approach has lead to the first-ever frameless snow goggle which launched in the winter of 2011.  This goggle has revolutionized the snow market and is one of the most sought after styles at retail. Dragon recruited snowboarders Jamie Lynn, Chris Roach, and a few others. Rider-inspired design and feedback has always been key and one of the important philosophies of the brand in creating new products. Many years and many ride days later, Dragon has established itself as a leader in the snow goggle business. 

So what does Dragon offers you?  

Adapt Instantly

The design of the Swiftlock system is so simple and precise you don’t even need to take off your glove to change lenses. Simply flip the levers up to release the lens, pop in the new one, and with one quick motion, lock it down. The X2 combines the proven performance of our Frameless Lens Technology with the on-the-fly convenience of Swiftlock, making it our most advanced goggle yet; enabling riders to adapt instantly in all kinds of conditions. Watch this video!

Dragon Alliance | Swiftlock Technology from DRAGON ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

Transition Adaptive Goggle Lens Technology

Transitions® adaptive goggle lenses feature a light, base tint for dim outdoor lighting conditions and automatically darken and change colors in bright sunlight. They are designed to enhance visual performance during specific outdoor sports and activities, and are color optimized to increase contrast and boost depth perception.

You will experience:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Color Optimization
  • Clear, comfortable vision all day long
  • Reduced squinting, straining and eye fatigue
  • Self-Adjusting Tint: One lens for those variable days

 Shop the dragon Goggle Lenses with Transition Lenses (290€). 


    Polarized Goggle Lens Technology

     Performance Polarized Lenses reduces surface glare up to 99,9%, delivering unmatched clarity and protection in the most demanding direct sunlight and high-glare conditions. This lens system achieves improved performance and durability by positioning the polarization film between the polycarbonate lenses, preventing delimitation and lens damage. In additions, these innovative lenses are equipped with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to repel water and other corrosive materials and offer 100% UV Protection. 


    • Eliminates 99,9% surface glare
    • Protective hard coating for scratch resistance
    • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings
    • 100% UV protection
    • Premium polycarbonate lens material

    Shop the dragon Goggle Lenses with Polarized Lenses (220€). 

      Optimized Goggle Lens Technology

      Dragon's Optimized Lens Technology reduces eye strain to keep you eyes comfortable in all kinds of conditions from bright sun to flat light. They increase contrast and depth perception by filtering out light attributed to haze and glare while letting in light that enhances clarity and contrast. This innovative technology provides all day comfort for your eyes and crisp, clear optics in all conditions.


      • Optimal contrast and depth perception for clear vision
      • Protective Hard coating for impact and scratch resistance
      • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings to repel water, dirt and smearing
      • Flash blue & green colors

      Shop the dragon Goggle Lenses with Optimized Lenses (200€). 

      Dragon Alliance | NFX2 Goggle | Ski from DRAGON ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

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